Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Two Men were
traveling in company
through a forest, when,
all at once, a huge Bear
crashed out of the
brush near them.
One of the Men,
thinking of his own
safety, climbed a tree.
The other, unable to
fight the savage beast
alone, threw himself on
the ground and lay still,
as if he were dead. He
had heard that a Bear
will not touch a dead
It must have been true,
for the Bear snuffed at
the Man's head awhile,
and then, seeming to
be satisfied that he was
dead, walked away. The
Man in the tree climbed
down. "It looked just as
if that Bear whispered
in your ear," he said.
"What did he tell you?"
He said, answered the
other, "that it was not
at all wise to keep
company with a fellow
who would desert his
friend in a moment of
Moral Lesson :
"Misfortune is the test
of true friendship."
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Monday, February 27, 2012


A jobless man applied for the
position of ‘office boy’ at a
very big firm.
The Employer interviewed him,
then a test: clean the floor.
“You are hired” he said, give
me your email address, and
I’ll send you the application
to fill, as well as when you will
start. The man replied “I
don’t have a computer,
neither an email”.
I’m sorry, said the Employer,
if you don’t have an email
that means you do not exist.
And who doesn’t exist,
cannot have the job. The man
left with no hope at all. He
didn’t know what to do, with
only $10 US in his pocket.
He then decided to go to the
supermarket and buy a 10 KG
tomato crate. He then sold the
tomatoes in a door to door
round. In less than two hours,
he succeeded to double his
capital. He repeated the
operation 3 times, and
returned home with $60 US.
The man realized that he can
survive by this way, and started
to go everyday earlier, and
return late. Thus, his money
doubles or triples every day.
Shortly later, he bought a cart,
then a truck, and then he had
his own fleet of delivery
5 years later, the man is one of
the biggest food retailers in the
US. He started to plan his
family’s future, and decided
to have a life insurance.
He called an insurance broker,
and chooses a protection plan.
When the conversation was
concluded, the broker asked
him his email. The man replied:
‘I don’t have an email’.
The broker replied curiously,
you don’t have an email, and
yet have succeeded to build an
empire. Do you imagine what
you could have been if you had
an email?
The man thought for a while,
and replied: an office boy!
Author Unknown

You can be what you wanna be regardless of your present situation, only see things positively and don't be discouraged by anything.
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Friday, February 24, 2012


After the Earthquake had
subsided, when the rescuers
reached the ruins of a young
woman’s house, they saw her
body through the cracks.
But her pose was somehow
strange that she knelt on her
knees like a person was
worshiping; her body was
leaning forward and her two
hands were supporting an
object. The collapsed house had
crashed her back and her head.
With many difficulties, the
leader of the rescuer team put
his hand through a narrow gap
on the wall to reach the
woman’s body. He was
hoping that this woman could
still be alive. However, the cold
and stiff body told him that she
passed away. He and the
rest of the team left this house
and went to search the next
collapsed building.
For some reasons, the team
leader was driven by a
compelling force to go back to
the ruin house of the dead
woman. Again, he knelt down
and used his hand through the
narrow cracks to search the
little space under the dead
Suddenly, he screamed, “A
child! There is a child!”
The whole team worked
together, carefully they
removed the piles of ruined
objects around the dead
woman. There was a 3 months
old little boy wrapped in a
flowery blanket under his
mother’s dead body.
Obviously, the woman had
made an ultimate sacrifice to
save her son. When her house
was falling, she used her body
to make a cover to protect her
The medical doctor came
quickly to exam the little boy.
After he opened the blanket, he
saw a cell phone inside. There
was a text message on the
screen, it said: ”Dear baby, if
you can live, always remember
that I love you.”

This story was claimed to be a
true story. Whether it is true or
not, we can’t be wrong with
mothers’ love and their
sacrifices. We love you

In numerous ways, your mother sacrificed so much for you, even if it meant risking her life. The love of a mother is so un-conditional. Children, don't be disobedient to them, if you're grown up and living far from them, take time to remember, call, visit and send gifts.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A frail old man went to live
with his son, daughter-in-law,
and a four-year grandson. The
old man's hands trembled, his
eyesight was blurred, and his
step faltered.
While the family ate
together at the table, the
elderly grandfather's shaky
hands and failing sight made
eating difficult. Rice rolled
off his spoon onto the floor.
When he grasped the glass,
milk spilled on the tablecloth.
The son and daughter-in-law
became irritated with the
mess. "We must do something
about Grandfather," said the
son. "I've had enough of his
spilled milk, noisy eating and
food on the floor." So the
husband and wife set a small
table in the corner. There,
Grandfather ate alone while
the rest of the family enjoyed
dinner and since Grandfather had
broken a dish or two, his food
was served in a wooden bowl.
When the family glanced in
Grandfather's direction,
sometimes he had a tear in his
eye as he sat alone. Still, the
only words the couple had for
him were sharp admonitions
wheneva he dropped a fork or
spilled food.
The four-year-old watched it
all in silence. One evening
before supper, the father
noticed his son playing with
wood scraps on the floor. He
asked the child sweetly,
"What are you making?" Just
as sweetly, the boy
responded, "Oh I am making a
little bowl for you and Mama
to eat your food from when I
grow up." The four-year-old
smiled and went back to
The words so struck the
parents that they were
speechless. Then tears
started to stream down their
cheeks. Though no word was
spoken, both knew what must
be done. That evening the
husband took Grandfather's
hand and gently led him back
to the family table. For the
remainder of his days he ate
every meal with the family.
And for some reason, neither
husband nor wife seemed to
care any longer when a fork
was dropped, milk spilled, or
the tablecloth soiled.
Note: Children are remarkably
perceptive. Their eyes ever
observe, their ears ever listen,
and their minds ever process
the messages they absorb. If
they see us patiently provide
a happy home atmosphere for
family members, they will
imitate that attitude for the
rest of their lives. The wise
parent realizes that every day
the building blocks are being
laid for the child's future.
Let's be wise builders and
role models.
Say this prayer with me.....
Lord, we ask not that you
move the mountains, but that
You give us the strength to
"Life is about people
connecting with people, and
making a positive difference"
Take care of yourself, and
those you, and
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Back in the fifteenth century, in
a tiny village near Nuremberg,
lived a family with eighteen
children. Eighteen! In order
merely to keep food on the
table for this mob, the father
and head of the household, a
goldsmith by profession,
worked almost eighteen hours a
day at his trade and any other
paying chore he could find in
the neighborhood. Despite their
seemingly hopeless condition,
two of Albrecht Durer the
Elder’s children had a dream.
They both wanted to pursue
their talent for art, but they
knew full well that their father
would never be financially able
to send either of them to
Nuremberg to study at the
After many long discussions at
night in their crowded bed, the
two boys finally worked out a
pact. They would toss a coin.
The loser would go down into
the nearby mines and, with his
earnings, support his brother
while he attended the academy.
Then, when that brother who
won the toss completed his
studies, in four years, he would
support the other brother at the
academy, either with sales of his
artwork or, if necessary, also by
laboring in the mines.
They tossed a coin on a Sunday
morning after church. Albrecht
Durer won the toss and went
off to Nuremberg. Albert went
down into the dangerous mines
and, for the next four years,
financed his brother, whose
work at the academy was
almost an immediate sensation.
Albrecht’s etchings, his
woodcuts, and his oils were far
better than those of most of his
professors, and by the time he
graduated, he was beginning to
earn considerable fees for his
commissioned works.
When the young artist returned
to his village, the Durer family
held a festive dinner on their
lawn to celebrate Albrecht’s
triumphant homecoming. After
a long and memorable meal,
punctuated with music and
laughter, Albrecht rose from his
honored position at the head of
the table to drink a toast to his
beloved brother for the years of
sacrifice that had enabled
Albrecht to fulfill his ambition.
His closing words were, “And
now, Albert, blessed brother of
mine, now it is your turn. Now
you can go to Nuremberg to
pursue your dream, and I will
take care of you.”
All heads turned in eager
expectation to the far end of the
table where Albert sat, tears
streaming down his pale face,
shaking his lowered head from
side to side while he sobbed and
repeated, over and over, “No …
no …no …no.”
Finally, Albert rose and wiped
the tears from his cheeks. He
glanced down the long table at
the faces he loved, and then,
holding his hands close to his
right cheek, he said softly, “No,
brother. I cannot go to
Nuremberg. It is too late for me.
Look … look what four years in
the mines have done to my
hands! The bones in every finger
have been smashed at least
once, and lately I have been
suffering from arthritis so badly
in my right hand that I cannot
even hold a glass to return your
toast, much less make delicate
lines on parchment or canvas
with a pen or a brush. No,
brother … for me it is too
More than 450 years have
passed. By now, Albrecht
Durer’s hundreds of masterful
portraits, pen and silver-point
sketches, watercolors, charcoals,
woodcuts, and copper
engravings hang in every great
museum in the world, but the
odds are great that you, like
most people, are familiar with
only one of Albrecht Durer’s
works. More than merely being
familiar with it, you very well
may have a reproduction
hanging in your home or office.
One day, to pay homage to
Albert for all that he had
sacrificed, Albrecht Durer
painstakingly drew his
brother’s abused hands with
palms together and thin fingers
stretched skyward. He called his
powerful drawing simply
“Hands,” but the entire world
almost immediately opened
their hearts to his great
masterpiece and renamed his
tribute of love “The Praying
Mora: The next time you see a
copy of that touching creation,
take a second look. Let it be
your reminder, if you still need
one, that no one – no one – ever
makes it alone!
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Sunday, February 19, 2012


A mother and a baby camel
were lying around, and suddenly
the baby camel asked,
“mother, may I ask you some
questions? Mother said, “Sure!
Why son, is there something
bothering you? Baby said,
“Why do camels have
humps?” Mother said “Well
son, we are desert animals, we
need the humps to store water
and we are known to survive
without water”. Baby said,
“Okay, then why are our legs
long and our feet rounded?”
Mother said, “Son, obviously
they are meant for walking in
the desert. You know with these
legs I can move around the
desert better than anyone
does!” Baby said, “Okay, then
why are our eyelashes long?
Sometimes it bothers my
sight”. Mother with pride said,
“My son, those long thick
eyelashes are your protective
cover. They help to protect your
eyes from the desert sand and
Baby after thinking said, “I see.
So the hump is to store water
when we are in the desert, the
legs are for walking through the
desert and these eye lashes
protect my eyes from the desert
then what in god’s name are
we doing here in the Zoo!?”
Moral: Skills, knowledge, abilities
and experiences are only useful
if you are at the right place.
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Thursday, February 16, 2012


An old man lived alone in
Minnesota. He wanted to spade
his potato garden, but it was
very hard work. His only son,
who would have helped him,
was in prison. The old man
wrote a letter to his son and
mentioned his situation:
Dear Son,
I am feeling pretty bad because
it looks like I won’t be able to
plant my potato garden this
year. I hate to miss doing the
garden because your mother
always loved planting time.
I’m just getting too old to be
digging up a garden plot. If you
were here, all my troubles
would be over. I know you
would dig the plot for me, if you
weren’t in prison.
Shortly, the old man received
this telegram: ‘For Heaven’s
sake, Dad, don’t dig up the
garden!! That’s where I buried
the GUNS!!’
At 4 a.m. the next morning, a
dozen FBI agents and local
police officers showed up and
dug up the entire garden
without finding any guns.
Confused, the old man wrote
another note to his son telling
him what had happened, and
asked him what to do next.
His son’s reply was: ‘Go
ahead and plant your potatoes,
Dad. It’s the best I could do
for you, from here.’
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In 1883, a creative engineer
named John Roebling was
inspired by an idea to build a
spectacular bridge connecting
New York with the Long Island.
However bridge building experts
throughout the world thought
that this was an impossible feat
and told Roebling to forget the
idea. It just could not be done. It
was not practical. It had never
been done before.
Roebling could not ignore the
vision he had in his mind of this
bridge. He thought about it all
the time and he knew deep in
his heart that it could be done.
He just had to share the dream
with someone else. After much
discussion and persuasion he
managed to convince his son
Washington, an up and coming
engineer, that the bridge in fact
could be built.
Working together for the first
time, the father and son
developed concepts of how it
could be accomplished and how
the obstacles could be
overcome. With great
excitement and inspiration, and
the headiness of a wild
challenge before them, they
hired their crew and began to
build their dream bridge.
The project started well, but
when it was only a few months
underway a tragic accident on
the site took the life of John
Roebling. Washington was also
injured and left with a certain
amount of brain damage, which
resulted in him not being able to
talk or walk.
“We told them so.” “Crazy
men and their crazy dreams.”
“It’s foolish to chase wild
Everyone had a negative
comment to make and felt that
the project should be scrapped
since the Roeblings were the
only ones who knew how the
bridge could be built.
In spite of his handicap
Washington was never
discouraged and still had a
burning desire to complete the
bridge and his mind was still as
sharp as ever. He tried to inspire
and pass on his enthusiasm to
some of his friends, but they
were too daunted by the task.
As he lay on his bed in his
hospital room, with the sunlight
streaming through the
windows, a gentle breeze blew
the flimsy white curtains apart
and he was able to see the sky
and the tops of the trees
outside for just a moment.
It seemed that there was a
message for him not to give up.
Suddenly an idea hit him. All he
could do was move one finger
and he decided to make the best
use of it. By moving this, he
slowly developed a code of
communication with his wife.
He touched his wife’s arm
with that finger, indicating to
her that he wanted her to call
the engineers again. Then he
used the same method of
tapping her arm to tell the
engineers what to do. It seemed
foolish but the project was
under way again.
For 13 years Washington tapped
out his instructions with his
finger on his wife’s arm, until
the bridge was finally
completed. Today the
spectacular Brooklyn Bridge
stands in all its glory as a tribute
to the triumph of one man’s
indomitable spirit and his
determination not to be
defeated by circumstances. It is
also a tribute to the engineers
and their team work, and to
their faith in a man who was
considered mad by half the
world. It stands too as a
tangible monument to the love
and devotion of his wife who
for 13 long years patiently
decoded the messages of her
husband and told the engineers
what to do.
Perhaps this is one of the best
examples of a never-say-die
attitude that overcomes a
terrible physical handicap and
achieves an impossible goal.
Often when we face obstacles in
our day-to-day life, our hurdles
seem very small in comparison
to what many others have to
face. The Brooklyn Bridge shows
us that dreams that seem
impossible can be realised with
determination and persistence,
no matter what the odds are.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Once upon a time all feelings
and emotions went to a coastal
island for a vacation. According
to their nature, each was having
a good time. Suddenly, a
warning of an impending storm
was announced and everyone
was advised to evacuate the
The announcement caused
sudden panic. All rushed to their
boats. Even damaged boats
were quickly repaired and
commissioned for duty.
Yet, Love did not wish to flee
quickly. There was so much to
do. But as the clouds darkened,
Love realised it was time to
leave. Alas, there were no boats
to spare. Love looked around
with hope.
Just then Prosperity passed by
in a luxurious boat. Love
shouted, “Prosperity, could
you please take me in your
“No,” replied Prosperity,
“my boat is full of precious
possessions, gold and silver.
There is no place for you.”
A little later Vanity came by in a
beautiful boat. Again Love
shouted, “Could you help me,
Vanity? I am stranded and need
a lift. Please take me with
Vanity responded haughtily,
“No, I cannot take you with
me. My boat will get soiled with
your muddy feet.”
Sorrow passed by after some
time. Again, Love asked for help.
But it was to no avail. “No, I
cannot take you with me. I am
so sad. I want to be by
When Happiness passed by a
few minutes later, Love again
called for help. But Happiness
was so happy that it did not
look around, hardly concerned
about anyone.
Love was growing restless and
dejected. Just then somebody
called out, “Come Love, I will
take you with me.” Love did
not know who was being so
magnanimous, but jumped on
to the boat, greatly relieved that
she would reach a safe place.
On getting off the boat, Love
met Knowledge. Puzzled, Love
inquired, “Knowledge, do you
know who so generously gave
me a lift just when no one else
wished to help?”
Knowledge smiled, “Oh, that
was Time.”
“And why would Time stop to
pick me and take me to
safety?” Love wondered.
Knowledge smiled with deep
wisdom and replied, “Because
only Time knows your true
greatness and what you are
capable of. Only Love can bring
peace and great happiness in
this world.”
“The important message is
that when we are prosperous,
we overlook love. When we feel
important, we forget love. Even
in happiness and sorrow we
forget love. Only with time do
we realize the importance of
love. Why wait that long? Why
not make love a part of your life
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Monday, February 13, 2012


This message is beyond all
When I'll be dead....., your tears
will flow,.. But I won't know...
Cry for me now instead !
you will send flowers,.. But I
won't see... Send them now
instead !
you'll say words of praise,.. But I
won't hear.. Praise me now
instead !
you'll forget my faults,.. But I
won't know... Forget then now,
instead !
you'll miss me then,... But I won't
feel... Miss me now, instead
you'll wish... you could have
spent more time with me,...
Spend it now instead !!
''Spend time with every person
you love, every one you care for.
Make them feel special, for you
never know when time will take
them away from you forever''.
Happy Valentine.
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This message is beyond all
When I'll be dead....., your tears
will flow,.. But I won't know...
Cry for me now instead !
you will send flowers,.. But I
won't see... Send them now
instead !
you'll say words of praise,.. But I
won't hear.. Praise me now
instead !
you'll forget my faults,.. But I
won't know... Forget then now,
instead !
you'll miss me then,... But I won't
feel... Miss me now, instead
you'll wish... you could have
spent more time with me,...
Spend it now instead !!
''Spend time with every person
you love, every one you care for.
Make them feel special, for you
never know when time will take
them away from you forever''.
Happy Valentine.
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An unborn baby in heaven asked God, "They tell me you are sending me to earth today, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?" "Your angel will be waiting for you and will take good care of you child." The child further inquired, "But tell me Father, here in heaven I don't have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy." God said, "Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you. And you will feel your angel's love and be very happy." Again the child asked, "And how am I going to be able to understand what people say to me when I don't even understand their language?" And God replied, "Dont worry my child your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak." "And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?" God said, "Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray, that way, we can always communicate." "But, who will protect me in times of danger?" God said, "Your angel will defend you even if it means risking it's life for you." "But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore." God said, "Your angel will always talk to you about Me and will teach you the way to come back to Me, even though I will always be next to you." At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, "God, if I am to leave now, please tell me my angel's name." With tears of joy in God's eye, HE simply mustered to the HIS beautifully crafted creation... "You will simply call her, 'Mom my child.' ♥ ♥ Hit the 'LIKE' button if you know your MUM is special to you this Love season and to those of you who lost yours, I pray GOD continues to replenish and strenghten you. Also, share this with as many people as you love
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Friday, February 10, 2012


During the waning years of the
depression in a small Idaho
community, I used to stop by
Mr. Miller's roadside stand for
farm fresh produce as the
season made it available. Food
and money were still extremely
scarce and bartering was used
One day Mr. Miller was bagging
some early potatoes for me. I
noticed a small boy, delicate of
bone and feature, ragged but
clean, hungrily appraising a
basket of freshly picked green
peas. I paid for my potatoes but
was also drawn to the display of
fresh green peas. I am a
pushover for creamed peas and
new potatoes. Pondering the
peas, I couldn't help overhearing
the conversation between Mr.
Miller and the ragged boy next
to me.
"Hello Barry, how are you
today?" "H'lo, Mr. Miller. Fine,
thank ya. Jus' admirin' them
peas ... sure look good." "They
are good, Barry. How's your
Ma?" "Fine. Gittin' stronger alla'
time." "Good. Anything I can
help you with?" "No, Sir. Jus'
admirin' them peas." "Would
you like to take some home?"
"No, Sir. Got nuthin' to pay for
'em with."
"Well, what have you to trade
me for some of those peas?"
"All I got's my prize marble
here." "Is that right? Let me see
"Here 'tis. She's a dandy." "I can
see that. Hmmmmm, only thing
is this one is blue and I sort of
go for red. Do you have a red
one like this at home?" "Not
zackley ... but almost."
"Tell you what. Take this sack of
peas home with you and next
trip this way let me look at that
red marble." "Sure will. Thanks
Mr. Miller." Mrs. Miller, who had
been standing nearby, came
over to help me. With a smile
she said, "There are two other
boys like him in our community,
all three are in very poor
circumstances. Jim just loves to
bargain with them for peas,
apples, tomatoes, or whatever.
When they come back with their
red marbles, and they always
do, he decides he doesn't like
red after all and he sends them
home with a bag of produce for
a green marble or an orange
one, perhaps."
I left the stand smiling to
myself, impressed with this
man. A short time later I moved
to Colorado but I never forgot
the story of this man, the boys,
and their bartering. Several
years went by, each more rapid
that the previous one. Just
recently I had occasion to visit
some old friends in that Idaho
community and while I was
there learned that Mr. Miller had
died. They were having his
viewing that evening and
knowing my friends wanted to
go, I agreed to accompany
Upon arrival at the mortuary we
fell into line to meet the
relatives of the deceased and to
offer whatever words of
comfort we could. Ahead of us
in line were three young men.
One was in an army uniform and
the other two wore nice
haircuts, dark suits and white
shirts ... all very professional
looking. They approached Mrs.
Miller, standing composed and
smiling by her husband's casket.
Each of the young men hugged
her, kissed her on the cheek,
spoke briefly with her and
moved on to the casket. Her
misty light blue eyes followed
them as, one by one, each
young man stopped briefly and
placed his own warm hand over
the cold pale hand in the casket.
Each left the mortuary
awkwardly, wiping his eyes. Our
turn came to meet Mrs. Miller. I
told her who I was and
mentioned the story she had
told me about the marbles. With
her eyes glistening, she took my
hand and led me to the casket.
"Those three young men who
just left were the boys I told you
about. They just told me how
they appreciated the things Jim
"traded" them. Now, at last,
when Jim could not change his
mind about color or size ... they
came to pay their debt."
"We've never had a great deal of
the wealth of this world," she
confided, "but right now, Jim
would consider himself the
richest man in Idaho."
With loving gentleness she lifted
the lifeless fingers of her
deceased husband. Resting
underneath were three
exquisitely shined red marbles.
Moral: We will not be
remembered by our words, but
by our kind deeds. Life is not
measured by the breaths we
take, but by the moments that
take our breath.
Today I wish you:
......... a day of ordinary
miracles ...
......... A fresh pot of coffee you
didn't make yourself
......... An unexpected phone call
from an old friend
......... Green stoplights on your
way to work
......... The fastest line at the
grocery store
......... A good sing-along song on
the radio
......... Your keys right where you
left them
They say it takes a minute to
find a special person,
An hour to appreciate them,
A day to love them,
But an entire life to forget them.
Send this to the people you'll
never forget. If you don't send it
to anyone, it means you are in
too much of a hurry, and that
you've probably forgotten your
Unknown author
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


A king once had a slave who, in
circumstances said: "My king, do
not be discouraged because
everything God does is perfect,
One day, they went hunting and
wild animal attacked the king,
slave managed to kill the animal
but couldn't prevent his majesty
losing a finger. Furious and
without showing gratitude, the
King said; "if God was good, I
would not have been attacked
lost one finger!"
The slave replied: "Despite all
things,I can only tell you that
God is
good and everything he does is
perfect, He is never wrong!"
Outraged by the response, the
ordered the arrest of his slave.
Later, he left for another hunt
was captured by savages
who made human sacrifices. In
the altar, the savages found out
that the king didn't have one
finger in place so he was released
because he was considered not
"complete" to be offered to the
On his return to the palace, he
authorized the release of his
saying; "My dear,God was really
good to me! I was almost killed
but for lack of a single finger I
let go! But I have a question: if
is so good, why did He allow me
put you in jail?"
His reply: "My king, if I had gone
with you, I would have been
sacrificed for you because I have
no missing finger." Remember,
everything God does is perfect,
is never wrong...

Everything God does is perfect,
is never wrong...

Often we complain about life,
the negative things that happen
us, forgetting that nothing is
random, and that everything has
purpose... God knows why he
chose you to receive this
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


In a small town in India, a
person decided to open up his
Bar business,which was right
opposite to the Temple. The
Temple its congregation started
a campaign to block the Bar
from opening with petitions and
prayed daily against his
Work progressed. However,
when it was almost complete
and was about to open a few
days later, a strong lightning
struck the Bar and it was burnt
to the ground.
The temple folks were rather
smug in their outlook after that,
till the Bar owner sued the
Temple authorities on the
grounds that the Temple
through its congregation
prayers was ultimately
responsible for the demise of
his bar shop, either through
direct or indirect actions or
In its reply to the court, the
temple vehemently denied all
responsibility or any connection
that their prayers were reasons
to the bar shop's demise.
As the case made its way into
court, the judge looked over the
paperwork at the hearing and
I don't know how I'm going to
decide this case, but it appears
from thepaperwork,
'we have a bar owner who
believes in the power of prayer
we have an entire temple and its
devotees that doesn't.'


Most of us are just religious, we don't have faith in God. Those we think are pagans are far more faithful and believe more in God than we so called religious ones, turn a new leaf and change your attitude towards God today
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Monday, February 6, 2012


There was once upon a time
a fisherman so old and so poor
that he could scarcely manage
to support his wife and three
children. He went every day to
fish very early, and each day he
made a rule not to throw his
nets more than four times. He
started out one morning by
moonlight and came to the sea-
shore. He undressed and threw
his nets, and as he was drawing
them towards the bank he felt a
great weight. He though he had
caught a large fish, and he felt
very pleased. But a moment
afterwards, seeing that instead
of a fish he only had in his nets
the carcase of an ass, he was
much disappointed.
Vexed with having such a bad
haul, when he had mended his
nets, which the carcase of the
ass had broken in several places,
he threw them a second time. In
drawing them in he again felt a
great weight, so that he
thought they were full of fish.
But he only found a large basket
full of rubbish. He was much
"O Fortune," he cried, "do not
trifle thus with me, a poor
fisherman, who can hardly
support his family!"
So saying, he threw away the
rubbish, and after having
washed his nets clean of the
dirt, he threw them for the third
time. But he only drew in
stones, shells, and mud. He was
almost in despair.
Then he threw his nets for the
fourth time. When he thought
he had a fish he drew them in
with a great deal of trouble.
There was no fish however, but
he found a yellow pot, which by
its weight seemed full of
something, and he noticed that
it was fastened and sealed with
lead, with the impression of a
seal. He was delighted. "I will
sell it to the founder," he said;
"with the money I shall get for
it I shall buy a measure of
He examined the jar on all sides;
he shook it to see if it would
rattle. But he heard nothing, and
so, judging from the impression
of the seal and the lid, he
thought there must be
something precious inside. To
find out, he took his knife, and
with a little trouble he opened
it. He turned it upside down, but
nothing came out, which
surprised him very much. He set
it in front of him, and whilst he
was looking at it attentively,
such a thick smoke came out
that he had to step back a pace
or two. This smoke rose up to
the clouds, and stretching over
the sea and the shore, formed a
thick mist, which caused the
fisherman much astonishment.
When all the smoke was out of
the jar it gathered itself
together, and became a thick
mass in which appeared a
genius, twice as large as the
largest giant. When he saw such
a terrible-looking monster, the
fisherman would like to have
run away, but he trembled so
with fright that he could not
move a step.
"Great king of the genii," cried
the monster, "I will never again
disobey you!"
At these words the fisherman
took courage.
"What is this you are saying,
great genius? Tell me your
history and how you came to be
shut up in that vase."
At this, the genius looked at the
fisherman haughtily. "Speak to
me more civilly," he said,
"before I kill you."
"Alas! why should you kill me?"
cried the fisherman. "I have just
freed you; have you already
forgotten that?"
"No," answered the genius; "but
that will not prevent me from
killing you; and I am only going
to grant you one favour, and
that is to choose the manner of
your death."
"But what have I done to you?"
asked the fisherman.
"I cannot treat you in any other
way," said the genius, "and if
you would know why, listen to
my story.
"I rebelled against the king of
the genii. To punish me, he shut
me up in this vase of copper,
and he put on the leaden cover
his seal, which is enchantment
enough to prevent my coming
out. Then he had the vase
thrown into the sea. During the
first period of my captivity I
vowed that if anyone should
free me before a hundred years
were passed, I would make him
rich even after his death. But
that century passed, and no one
freed me. In the second century
I vowed that I would give all the
treasures in the world to my
deliverer; but he never came.
"In the third, I promised to
make him a king, to be always
near him, and to grant him
three wishes every day; but that
century passed away as the
other two had done, and I
remained in the same plight. At
last I grew angry at being
captive for so long, and I vowed
that if anyone would release me
I would kill him at once, and
would only allow him to choose
in what manner he should die.
So you see, as you have freed
me to-day, choose in what way
you will die."
The fisherman was very
unhappy. "What an unlucky man
I am to have freed you! I
implore you to spare my life."
"I have told you," said the
genius, "that it is impossible.
Choose quickly; you are wasting
The fisherman began to devise a
"Since I must die," he said,
"before I choose the manner of
my death, I conjure you on your
honour to tell me if you really
were in that vase?"
"Yes, I was" answered the
"I really cannot believe it," said
the fisherman. "That vase could
not contain one of your feet
even, and how could your whole
body go in? I cannot believe it
unless I see you do the thing."
Then the genius began to
change himself into smoke,
which, as before, spread over
the sea and the shore, and
which, then collecting itself
together, began to go back into
the vase slowly and evenly till
there was nothing left outside.
Then a voice came from the vase
which said to the fisherman,
"Well, unbelieving fisherman,
here I am in the vase; do you
believe me now?"
The fisherman instead of
answering took the lid of lead
and shut it down quickly on the
"Now, O genius," he cried, "ask
pardon of me, and choose by
what death you will die! But no,
it will be better if I throw you
into the sea whence I drew you
out, and I will build a house on
the shore to warn fishermen
who come to cast their nets
here, against fishing up such a
wicked genius as you are, who
vows to kill the man who frees
At these words the genius did all
he could to get out, but he could
not, because of the
enchantment of the lid.
Then he tried to get out by
"If you will take off the cover,"
he said, "I will repay you."
"No," answered the fisherman,
"if I trust myself to you I am
afraid you will treat me as a
certain Greek king treated the
physician Douban. Listen, and I
will tell you."
Written By : Ajit Hari Sahu
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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Once a farmer found an
abandoned eagle's nest and
in it was an egg still warm.
He took the egg back to his
farm and laid it in the nest
of one of his hens. The egg
hatched and the baby eagle
grew up along with the
other chickens. It pecked
about the farmyard,
scrabbling for grain. It spent
its life within the yard and
rarely looked up. When it
was very old, one day it
lifted up its head and saw
above it a wonderful sight -
an eagle soaring high above
in the sky. Looking at it, the
old creature sighed and said
to itself, "If only I'd been
born an eagle".

Situation might have placed you where you are, that doesn't mean that your potentials and abilities are not in you. You are more than what you think you are. Just try to discover your potentials, work on your abilities and stop wishing you were in the shoes of others, only then will you make progress

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Friday, February 3, 2012


When the body was first made,
all parts wanted to be the Boss. There arose and arguement and it was concluded that each part should give a reason for which it should be the boss...

The Brain said I, because I decide.
Th Feet said us and so did the
Heart Lungs, Hands, and Eyes, each giving their reasons

Finally the Asshole said I should
be the Boss.
All the parts started laughing.
So the Asshole went on strike,
blocked itself, and refused to
In a short time,the Hands
The Eyes blurred,
The Ears emitted hot air,
The Brain got heavy,
The Heart and Lungs panicked...
So they all agreed that the
Asshole should be the BOSS


1. Every one, no matter who you are or how little you're regarded has his/her own value.

2. It does'nt matter how talented
you are.,
Any Asshole can be your Boss..

This story was submitted by ayz

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Thursday, February 2, 2012


A cold March wind danced
around the dead of night in
Dallas as the Doctor walked into
the small hospital room of Diana
Blessing. Still groggy from
surgery, her husband David held
her hand as they braced
themselves for the latest news.
That afternoon of March
10,1991, complications had
forced Diana, only 24 weeks
pregnant, to Danae Lu Blessing.
At 12 inches long and weighing
only one pound and nine
ounces, they already knew she
was perilously premature. Still,
the doctor’s soft words
dropped like bombs. I don’t
think she’s going to make it,
he said, as kindly as he could.
“There’s only a 10 percent
chance she will live through the
night, and even then, if by some
slim chance she does make it,
her future could be a very cruel
one.” Numb with disbelief,
David and Diana listened as the
doctor described the
devastating problems Danae
would likely face if she survived.
She would never walk, she
would never talk, she would
probably be blind, and she
would certainly be prone to
other catastrophic conditions
from cerebral palsy to complete
mental retardation, and on and
on. “No! No!” was all Diana
could say. She and David, with
their 5-year-old son Dustin, had
long dreamed of the day they
would have a daughter to
become a family of four. Now,
within a matter of hours, that
dream was slipping away.
Through the dark hours of
morning as Danae held onto life
by the thinnest thread, Diana
slipped in and out of sleep,
growing more and more
determined that their tiny
daughter would live, and live to
be a healthy, happy young girl.
But David, fully awake and
listening to additional dire
details of their daughter’s
chances of ever leaving the
hospital alive, much less
healthy, knew he must confront
his wife with the inevitable.
David walked in and said that
we needed to talk about making
funeral arrangements. Diana
remembers, ‘I felt so bad for
him because he was doing
everything, trying to include me
in what was going on, but I just
wouldn’t listen, I couldn’t
listen. I said, “No, that is not
going to happen, no way! I
don’t care what the doctors
say; Danae is not going to die!
One day she will be just fine,
and she will be coming home
with us!”
As if willed to live by Diana’s
determination, Danae clung to
life hour after hour, with the
help of every medical machine
and marvel her miniature body
could endure. But as those first
days passed, a new agony set in
for David and Diana. Because
Danae’s under-developed
nervous system was essentially
raw, the lightest kiss or caress
only intensified her discomfort,
so they couldn’t even cradle
their tiny baby girl against their
chests to offer the strength of
their love. All they could do, as
Danae struggled alone beneath
the ultraviolet light in the tangle
of tubes and wires, was to pray
that God would stay close to
their precious little girl. There
was never a moment when
Danae suddenly grew stronger.
But as the weeks went by, she
did slowly gain an ounce of
weight here and an ounce of
strength there. At last, when
Danae turned two months old,
her parents were able to hold
her in their arms for the very
first time. And two months
later-though doctors continued
to gently but grimly warn that
her chances of surviving, much
less living any kind of normal
life, were next to zero. Danae
went home from the hospital,
just as her mother had
Today, five years later, Danae is
a petite but feisty young girl
with glittering gray eyes and an
unquenchable zest for life. She
shows no signs, what so ever, of
any mental or physical
impairment. Simply, she is
everything a little girl can be
and more-but that happy
ending is far from the end of
her story.
One blistering afternoon in the
summer of 1996 near her home
in Irving, Texas, Danae was
sitting in her mother’s lap in
the bleachers of a local ballpark
where her brother Dustin’s
baseball team was practicing. As
always, Danae was chattering
non-stop with her mother and
several other adults sitting
nearby when she suddenly fell
silent. Hugging her arms across
her chest, Danae asked, “Do
you smell that?” Smelling the
air and detecting the approach
of a thunderstorm, Diana
replied, “Yes, it smells like
rain.” Danae closed her eyes
and again asked, “Do you smell
that?” Once again, her mother
replied, “Yes, I think we’re
about to get wet, it smells like
rain. Still caught in the moment,
Danae shook her head, patted
her thin shoulders with her
small hands and loudly
announced, “No, it smells like
Him. It smells like God when you
lay your head on His chest.”
Tears blurred Diana’s eyes as
Danae then happily hopped
down to play with the other
Before the rains came, her
daughter’s words confirmed
what Diana and all the members
of the extended Blessing family
had known, at least in their
hearts, all along. During those
long days and nights of her first
two months of her life, when
her nerves were too sensitive
for them to touch her, God was
holding Danae on His chest and
it is His loving scent that she
remembers so well.
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