Tuesday, May 29, 2012


In order to enable you live a good life, each and every teenager needs to know these twelve things:

  • In a few years to come, you'd either become great or a nonentity, it depends on you.

  • Due to certain factors, you are likely not to marry the person you think you love. Such is life.

  • That particular thing you hate most about yourself is what your friends admire most about you. People don't seem to value what they have until they loose it.

  • One pornographic picture or video you view will stay in your memory and take control of you (your thought and probably actions) for as long as a period of over nine months. be mindful of what you watch and look, they influence you without you knowing it

  • Each stick of cigarette you take reduces your life by a certain numbers of days. Remember, smokers are liable to die young.

  • The more you sleep the lazier to readyou tend to become. Nothing stops you from reading now, don't let an extra hour sleep ruin your future

  • the more your interaction with narrow-minded people, the narrower your mind tends to become. mingle with people who you can gain from, not those who don't have something good to do with their time

  • you may end up not getting a job with what you studied in school. Grab and cherish every opportunity that comes your way

  • The more you stay with your phone, the less you stay with your books. Being addicted to your phone gets you addicted to facebook which in turn prevents you from facing your books

  • The greatest truth will be told to you by your family members. Your family members want good for you, most advice from family members counts, if you won't take to all, take to at least, some of them.

  • you stand a risk of 39 sexually transmitted infections, with every sex you have. Abstain from pre-marital sex and be free from disease.

  • God will never abandon you if only you will put Him first in each and everything you do.
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    Sunday, May 27, 2012


    An Arab sheik was getting along in years and he felt that it was time to name one of his sons his successor. He had three sons, who were triplets. He loved them all equally and did not know which of them to choose as a successor. So he sent them off to a distant land and promised that the one who would come back with the most useful learning would get the birthright. The three went off to distant lands; attended universities and visited exotic places. The first brother invented magic glasses with which he could see any place he wished to see on earth. The second perfected a magic carpet on which he sat and zoomed to any part of the earth in five minutes. The third son invented a medicine that could cure any sickness. After some years the three came together for a birthday party and explained what they had found. The first son looked through his magic glasses and saw his father dying. The second invited the other two to hop onto his magic carpet and within five minutes they were at their father's side. There the third son took out his magic medicine and cured his father at once. Now the sheik was more confused than ever, since it took the work of all three of them to save his life.... That is the story of Christian education. It needs three places of schooling: the home, the church and the classroom. If one of them is lacking, the other two won't work. Go ahead, share this story with your friends and those you love.
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    Wednesday, May 16, 2012


    Father was a hardworking man
    who delivered bread as a living
    to support his wife and three
    children. He spent all his
    evenings after work attending
    classes, hoping to improve
    himself so that he could one day
    find a better paying job. Except
    for Sundays, Father hardly ate a
    meal together with his family. He
    worked and studied very hard
    because he wanted to provide his
    family with the best money
    could buy.
    Whenever the family complained
    that he was not spending
    enough time with them, he
    reasoned that he was doing all
    this for them. But he often
    yearned to spend more time with
    his family.
    The day came when the
    examination results were
    announced. To his joy, Father
    passed, and with distinctions
    too! Soon after, he was offered a
    good job as a senior supervisor
    which paid handsomely.
    Like a dream come true, Father
    could now afford to provide his
    family with life’s little luxuries
    like nice clothing, fine food and
    vacation abroad.
    However, the family still did not
    get to see father for most of the
    week. He continued to work very
    hard, hoping to be promoted to
    the position of manager. In fact,
    to make himself a worthily
    candidate for the promotion, he
    enrolled for another course in
    the open university.
    Again, whenever the family
    complained that he was not
    spending enough time with
    them, he reasoned that he was
    doing all this for them. But he
    often yearned to spend more
    time with his family.
    Father’s hard work paid off and
    he was promoted. Jubilantly, he
    decided to hire a maid to relieve
    his wife from her domestic tasks.
    He also felt that their three-room
    flat was no longer big enough, it
    would be nice for his family to be
    able to enjoy the facilities and
    comfort of a condominium.
    Having experienced the rewards
    of his hard work many times
    before, Father resolved to further
    his studies and work at being
    promoted again. The family still
    did not get to see much of him.
    In fact, sometimes Father had to
    work on Sundays entertaining
    clients. Again, whenever the
    family complained that he was
    not spending enough time with
    them, he reasoned that he was
    doing all this for them. But he
    often yearned to spend more
    time with his family.
    As expected, Father’s hard
    work paid off again and he
    bought a beautiful condominium
    overlooking the coast of
    Singapore. On the first Sunday
    evening at their new home,
    Father declared to his family that
    he decided not to take anymore
    courses or pursue any more
    promotions. From then on he
    was going to devote more time
    to his family.
    Father did not wake up the next

    Learn to spend time with your family, show them the love they need, money is not everything, you don't know when you'll be leaving them
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    Saturday, May 12, 2012


    This is not just a story, but something that actually happened in Japan. In order to renovate a house, the owner broke open the walls. An as is common in Japan, their houses usually have hollow spaces between the wooden walls. While tearing down the walls of the house, the man found that there was a lizard which had got stuck there because a mail from outside was hammered into one of its legs. When the man saw this, he was overwhelmed with pity for the small creature, at the same time, he felt curious, because the wooden wall was nailed five years ago, when the house was built. How could this little lizard have survived in that position for a complete period of five years in that dark partition without the freedom to move about in search of food? This seemed impossible. While still wondering, he stopped his work and observed the lizard. What and how has it been eating? After a while again, after he had resume working, he saw another appear with done in it's mouth to feed the stuck lizard. Ah! This little creature? The man was stunned and deeply touched. For a lizard to be stuck for almost five long years and another lizard had been feeding it untiringly, without giving up hope on it's partner. Imagine what this small creature can do and imagine we humans such blessed by God with brilliant minds neglect our loved ones.

    Moral of the story

    Please, never neglect or abandon your loved ones or say you are busy when they need your help or assistance. You may have the entire world at your feet, but you might be the only one they look up to. A moment of negligence night break the very hearts which loves you through all odds. Before you say something,
    just remember it takes a moment to break, but it takes a lifetime to make
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    Monday, May 7, 2012


    Once a man saw in his dream,
    that a lion was
    chasing him. The man ran to a
    tree, climbed
    to it and sat on a branch. He
    looked down
    saw that the lion was still there
    waiting for
    The man then looked to his side
    where the
    branch he was sitting on was
    attached to the
    and saw that two rats were
    circling around
    eating the branch. One rat was
    black and the
    other one was white. The branch
    will fall on
    ground very soon.
    The man then looked below
    again with fear
    discovered that a big black snake
    had come
    settled directly under him. The
    snake opened
    mouth right under the man so
    that he will fall
    it. The man then looked up to see
    if there was
    anything that he could hold on
    He saw another branch with a
    of honey were falling from it.
    The man
    wanted to
    taste one of the drops. So, he put
    his tongue
    and tasted one of the falling
    drops of honey.
    honey was amazing in taste. So,
    he wanted to
    taste another drop and then
    another and as a
    result, he got lost into the
    sweetness of the
    honey. He forgot about the two
    rats eating
    branch away, the lion on the
    ground and the
    snake that is sitting right under
    him. Suddenly
    when the branch broke he
    remembered all
    dangers woke up from his sleep.
    The man couldn’t understand
    the dream,so he
    went to a scholar to know its
    The scholar said ” The lion you
    saw is your
    It always chases you and goes
    where ever
    you go.
    The two rats,one black and one
    white, are the
    night and the day. Black one is
    the night and
    white one is the day. They circle
    one after another, to eat your
    time as they
    you closer to death. The big black
    snake with
    dark mouth is your grave. It’s
    there, just
    for you to fall into it.
    The honeycomb is this world and
    the sweet
    of honey are the luxuries of this
    world. We
    like to
    taste a little of the luxuries of
    this world and
    very sweet. Then we want to
    taste little more
    then more. Meanwhile, we get
    lost into it and
    forget about our time, we forget
    about our
    and we forget about our
    Moral: Life is full of attractions
    And death will come to us
    without any notice.
    prepare for it well in advance so
    that you
    have to regret later.
    Have a blessed day...
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    Wednesday, May 2, 2012


    There was a man who had 4
    sons, he wanted
    them to learn not to judge things
    quickly, so
    he sent them each on a quest, in
    turn to go
    and look at a pear tree was a
    great distance
    The 1st son went in the winter,
    the 2nd in the
    spring, the 3rd in summer and
    the youngest
    son in the last..
    When they had all gone and
    return, he called
    dem together to describe wAt
    they had seen..
    The 1st son sed dat the tree was
    ugly, bent
    and twisted.
    The 2nd son sed,"NO..it's covered
    with green
    buds and full of promise..
    The 3rd son disagreed, he sed it's
    laden wid
    blossoms dat smelled so sweet
    and looked so
    beautiful..It's the most graceful
    thing he hAd
    ever seen.
    The last son protested.. He
    sed,"it's ripe and
    drooping wid fruit, full of life
    and fulfillment.
    The mAn then explained to his
    sons dat they
    were all right becuz they had
    each seen but
    One season in the tree's life.
    He told them dat U can't judge a
    tree or
    person by only one seAson, and
    dAt the
    essence of who dey are...And the
    pleasure, joy
    and love dAt come from dAt life
    cAn only be
    measured at the end, wen all the
    season are
    If U give up when it's winter, U ll
    miss the
    promise of your spring, the
    beauty of your
    summer and fulfilment of your
    Don't judge a life by one difficult
    let the pain of one season
    destroy the joy of
    all the rest..!!
    Have a blessed day.
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