Tuesday, January 3, 2012

sACRIFICE OF LOVe [a motivational story]

The family doctor told little John that he could save his
sister's life by giving her some
blood. The little five-year-old girl was very
near death, she was a victim of the same deadly disease
from which John, her elder brother of age eight, had made a
marvellous recovery two years
earlier. The only chance for
restoration to health was a blood
transfusion from someone who
had previously conquered the
illness. Since the two children
[John and the sick little sister]
had the same rare blood type,
the boy was the ideal donor.
"John, would you like to give
your blood for your sister Mary?" the
doctor asked him.
The boy hesitated.
His lower lip started to tremble out of fear.
Then he finally smiled, and said, "Yes,
Doctor. I'll give my blood for my
sister." Soon the two children
were wheeled into the
operating theatre - Mary, now very pale and
thin; John, robust and the
picture of health. Neither of them said a word, they both remained silent.
but when their eyes met, John
grinned. As his blood siphoned
into Mary's veins, one could
obviously see new life come into
her weak and tired body. The ordeal was
almost over when John's
brave little voice broke the
long silence, "Say Doctor, when will I
die?" It was only then that the
doctor realised what the
moment of hesitation, the
trembling of the lip, had meant
Being just a little bey, John actually
thought that when giving his blood
to his sister he was giving up his
life! And in that brief moment,
the final decision that he had
made was the greatest love of
all... The doctor was moved by the little boy's brave final decision... the unconditional
sacrificing love...

mESSAGE OF THE STORy Sacrificing out of what you
have is human nature, but
sacrificing all of what you have
needs a lot of LOVE.
Nowadays people always think
of what they can get in return
before giving, if the return is
less than their givings, then they
will be reluctant to give. Always think of what you can do to help others and not just what you can get from them.

This story was submitted by one of IT IS A JOKE facebook page admin. He requested that his name should be concealed.

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