Tuesday, May 29, 2012


In order to enable you live a good life, each and every teenager needs to know these twelve things:

  • In a few years to come, you'd either become great or a nonentity, it depends on you.

  • Due to certain factors, you are likely not to marry the person you think you love. Such is life.

  • That particular thing you hate most about yourself is what your friends admire most about you. People don't seem to value what they have until they loose it.

  • One pornographic picture or video you view will stay in your memory and take control of you (your thought and probably actions) for as long as a period of over nine months. be mindful of what you watch and look, they influence you without you knowing it

  • Each stick of cigarette you take reduces your life by a certain numbers of days. Remember, smokers are liable to die young.

  • The more you sleep the lazier to readyou tend to become. Nothing stops you from reading now, don't let an extra hour sleep ruin your future

  • the more your interaction with narrow-minded people, the narrower your mind tends to become. mingle with people who you can gain from, not those who don't have something good to do with their time

  • you may end up not getting a job with what you studied in school. Grab and cherish every opportunity that comes your way

  • The more you stay with your phone, the less you stay with your books. Being addicted to your phone gets you addicted to facebook which in turn prevents you from facing your books

  • The greatest truth will be told to you by your family members. Your family members want good for you, most advice from family members counts, if you won't take to all, take to at least, some of them.

  • you stand a risk of 39 sexually transmitted infections, with every sex you have. Abstain from pre-marital sex and be free from disease.

  • God will never abandon you if only you will put Him first in each and everything you do.
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