Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is not just a story, but something that actually happened in Japan. In order to renovate a house, the owner broke open the walls. An as is common in Japan, their houses usually have hollow spaces between the wooden walls. While tearing down the walls of the house, the man found that there was a lizard which had got stuck there because a mail from outside was hammered into one of its legs. When the man saw this, he was overwhelmed with pity for the small creature, at the same time, he felt curious, because the wooden wall was nailed five years ago, when the house was built. How could this little lizard have survived in that position for a complete period of five years in that dark partition without the freedom to move about in search of food? This seemed impossible. While still wondering, he stopped his work and observed the lizard. What and how has it been eating? After a while again, after he had resume working, he saw another appear with done in it's mouth to feed the stuck lizard. Ah! This little creature? The man was stunned and deeply touched. For a lizard to be stuck for almost five long years and another lizard had been feeding it untiringly, without giving up hope on it's partner. Imagine what this small creature can do and imagine we humans such blessed by God with brilliant minds neglect our loved ones.

Moral of the story

Please, never neglect or abandon your loved ones or say you are busy when they need your help or assistance. You may have the entire world at your feet, but you might be the only one they look up to. A moment of negligence night break the very hearts which loves you through all odds. Before you say something,
just remember it takes a moment to break, but it takes a lifetime to make

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