Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A girl thought she was not
physically beautiful and that she
could never be loved by any man
unless she compromised her
body. In her search for love, she
allowed herself to be misused
and abused sexually by any man
that showed interest in her. She
did almost anything to be loved
and accepted. She wanted
someone to hold her and tell her
that she was special. She wanted
a committed guy who would
love her and someone to talk to
and share her life with. But she
experienced disappointment,
frustration, and sorrow.
Eventually she hated herself
bitterly. The number one reason
young ladies get involved in sex
is their desire for love and
Don’t always have an
inferiority complex about your
looks. You have assets that
outweigh any physical
deficiencies. Others may envy
what you dislike about yourself.
One of the greatest mistakes you
can make in life is to hate the
way you are created. This is the
reason for most young people
frustration. You see, nobody is as
beautiful or handsome as you
are. You are wonderfully and
beautifully made. Don’t permit
your look, family background,
financial difficulties, inadequate
formal education, race, sex, age,
or other people’s opinion
about you to limit you and
determine how your life turns
out to be. Nobody is better than
you. So stop feeling inferior
about yourself. Nobody can make
you feel inferior without your
consent. You are not a nonentity.
You are somebody because God
never waste his precious time to
create a nobody. You are a
priceless human being.
The truth about love is that you
can’t give what you don’t
have. Before you can love others,
you must first love yourself
(matt 22:39, matt 19:19) by the
same token, you must first love
yourself before others will like
you. A person who does not love
himself/herself will find it
impossible to develop genuine
love relationship with others.
Unless you feel good about
yourself, you won’t have the
confidence to be yourself. You
train others to treat you by how
you treat yourself.

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