Thursday, January 12, 2012

tHE LYING PRINCe [a moral tale]

This story is actually one of my favourites, very short though, but yet it's moral is so clear and plain. It is mostly suitable for children...

There was once upon a time, a King whose
son was a dishonest telltale.
This dishonest Prince would threaten to
punish the servants if they ever
let the King know about his behaviour and acts.

One fateful day, the King and his son, the Prince
left the castle together. They
got to a village, at which
they parted and went on separate ways. As usual, the Prince
went back to his normal
behaviour of getting on
everyone's nerves, but the King
returned unannounced and
caught the Prince red-handed,
up to his tricks.
The dishonest Prince took advantage of
the fact that in that village there
was a youth who looked just
exactly like him. He told his father that
it had been the youth who had
done all these bad things.
However, the King, seeing what
a lying snitch this person was,
concluded that the boy in the
village must be his real son, the
So the King took the boy back
with him to the palace, and left
the real Prince in the village.
While there, the Prince finally
came to regret his previous life
filled with lies and accusations.
The other young man heard of
this, and decided to forgive the
Prince. He confessed to the King
that he wasn't his real son after
all. The King left the castle and
brought his son home, and the
two young men ended up as
inseparable friends.

Author.. Pedro Pablo Sacristán

If you think you're a professional liar, your lies will backfire one day. So, stop telling lies from now on. Do you promise?

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