Thursday, January 5, 2012

dO IT YOURSELf [a moral story]

This story you're about to read is very short, it was told by one of my teachers far back then in school. I'm sure you'll get something important to learn from it. The story goes thus:

There was once a man who works for a building establishment. He was ready
to retire from his work due to fact that he was growing old.
He told his
Employer-Contractor of his plan
to leave the house-building
business and
live a more leisurely life with his
wife, children and extended family. The month has not ended, he would miss the paycheck,
but still, he wanted to retire.

The contractor was very grieved and sorry to see
his dedicated and professional worker go, and asked if
could help with just one more building project
as a favour.
The man agreed, but it
was obvious that his heart was not in
the work.
The man resorted to
shoddy workmanship and used
materials. It was an
unfortunate way to end a
dedicated career.
When the building work was finally completed
, the employer came to
inspect the
He then handed the front-door
key to the man. "This is
house," he said, "my gift to
you for your long term and dedicated service."
The man was shocked!
What a shame!
If he had only known he was
building his own house, he
would have done
it all so differently.

Life is like a do-it-yourself
project. " Your attitude and
choices you make today, build
the "house" you live in
tomorrow. [your future] So,
build wisely!

What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. So, put in your best and all the effort you can in whatever your hand finds to do now. It might play a major role in the quality of your future.

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